Winter Workshop

This past February, I traveled up to the Minnesotan North Shore to participate in a three-day winter photography workshop led by Bryan Hansel. Networking with other photographers, discovering new shooting locations, and learning about composition were my favorite parts of the workshop and I recommend it some day if you haven’t attended as a photographer.…Read more »

Cascade Falls

Visiting Osceola, Wisconsin is always a treat. The small town is one of several that border the state with Minnesota. I’ve been passing through for thirty years on the way to the family cabin. It is always a pleasant rest stop and an answer to that road trip inquiry “Are we there yet?” Once in…Read more »

Minnehaha Falls

This is the largest, most accessible, and most well-known waterfall in the Twin Cities. I see it pop-up every week on my Instagram feed. Like with any popular scenic destination, Minnehaha Falls is often captured by multiple people with similar exposures. During my day off and my first visit to the bottom of the falls,…Read more »