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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work at The North Star Nook.

Minnesota, the North Star State, is my creative nook of the world to showcase my thoughts and works.


My name is Josh and I’m a photographer from Minnesota focusing on landscape, nature, macro & black and white photography. I’ve been snapping photos since 2007 when a trip to China provoked me to buy an eight megapixel point-and-shot Kodak. I bought my first dslr in 2016, again, before a trip abroad, this time to Iceland. But it’s been the last five months where I’ve really done photography nearly every day, focusing on the technical side as well as shooting. While many images from the past make me cringe today not just due to poor composition and quality, but also from regret that I didn’t have a better camera, I’m excited for the future.

Outside of photography, I enjoy playing soccer and hockey, finding underground music, learning languages, cooking for my wife, dreaming of that day I’ll become a published novelist, and working with international communities in the Twin Cities.

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