What If?

I was listening to the LensWork Podcast today, one of the channels that spark creative thought and ideas for blog posts, and it sparked me to comment on this “What if?” question.

Brooks Jensen, host of the podcast, was describing a situation if a photographer imagined a time of shooting not traditionally pursued, or using equipment in a different way, or manipulating a light source used in a different way, what would happen? He remarks that often those attempts in themselves would not produce anything magical and come to a dead end.

But his point that really struck me was the subsequent thoughts and questions, leads and ideas that follow the what if question. For they are the ideas and thoughts, that may have never happened if never attempting a new or innovated technique or plan.

Brooks didn’t elaborate further, but I briefly shall.

As someone who describes himself as an innovator, this message appealed to me. Let’s take an example of what if being put into practice by mentioning Minnehaha Falls, a waterfall in Minneapolis. It’s been photographed from every angle in every season and is on every camera and blog it seems. But, what if? What if there is a new composition no one has tried before? What if no one tried photographing the moonlight over it? What about this particular tree framing it?

I appreciate the what if question because it allows for hope and creativity at locations deemed normal and done. This what if question helped me find a new composition at Minnehaha Falls.

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[Minnehaha Falls] _____________________________________________________________ If you’ve followed me in 2018 for some time, you may know my goals are to explore, experiment, and learn. I’ve not bothered with either marketing or money so I can be free and unshackled from too many pressures and tasks. I don’t desire fame. I can use more money but that’s not my goal either. These comments below are the best compliments I can receive: 1. Josh consistently produces images I have never seen before. 2. Fresh compositions are a strength. 3. He has grown so much and seeing his work improve in this short time is something. 4. He encourages others. I don’t have any desire to become say, the most famous photographer in Minnesota with a certain genre. My images may never be unified or stylistic to identify me as the photographer with one glance. But, if someone says wow, he keeps producing new compositions and scenes that makes me want to tag along for the next shot, I am deeply pleased. ▪️For rather than measure myself against others, I will measure myself against myself▪️ _____________________________________________________________ “I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.” ~ Ansel Adams . . . . . . . #naturemarvels #naturalminnesota #minnesota #ig_nature_naturally #scape_captures #exploreminnesota #capturemn #thisismyminnesota #captureminnesota #nature_obsession_landscapes #landscapephotography #explore_landscapes #rawlandscape #natureprimeshot #pocket_family #pocket_family_spring2 #raw_waters #pocket_allnature #minnesotaexposure #waterfall #waterfalls #waterfall_wizards #waterfallwednesday #waterfalls_collective #nature_waterfalls #shotsofresh #artofvisuals #earth_shotz #earthfocus #waterfallsfordays

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What if?