The beauty of new

It’s encouraging to think that inspiration may come from a place you may have written off as unrelated to your interests.

One day on Instagram, I saw a post about a group on Facebook focusing on photographing colors: The purpose of this group is to increase our awareness of colors around us and learn to use them creatively as focal points, backdrops, and supporting ‘characters’ in our images to enhance the message of the image. Color is a powerful tool to influence the mood of an image, our homes, the choices we make in what to wear and so much more. It’s always there playing a subtle role. The goal of this group is to draw color out, give it the limelight, give it the credit it deserves.

After joining, I quickly saw that I was not with a group that took the same photos as I did nor were in the same season of life necessarily and that most had children whereas I do not. But it’s been a wonderful group.

My skills in Photoshop, capturing light, and refocusing my eye have all improved in a short amount of time.

Here’s to appreciating others’ talents and how they may improve your creative work even if you wouldn’t have thought as much.


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Josh Driver

Born and raised in Minnesota, I have a passion for the outdoors, photography, travel, and nature.

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