You just never know

After spending the evening in Itasca State Park, three hours north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m. the next morning. When I woke and grabbed my camera, it was completely dark, fully clouded, and rain splattered the ground. I didn’t know the weather report but knew my destination.

My mom and I hiked the 1.5 miles from our Douglas Suites to the fire tower. About 100 yards from its base, the purest pink glow light up the skies above the yellow tree crowns. I started to run, already kicking myself for missing the sunrise beginning.

My fear of heights ignored (mostly), I climbed to the top as cautiously and quickly as I could and made it a tad bit too late but thankfully, in time to still capture some of the initial glory.

Itasca View
Itasca fire tower view of sunrise

After snapping off dozens of photos, I finally stopped and took in the 360 degree view. It was silent. I was silent. And then, a loon called in the distance.

What a scene.

Trees full of color

I will most certainly go back to Itasca sooner than later. Below are a few more shots I made worth sharing.

Before arriving to the fire tower, I had been hoping to a moment like this to emerge. Thankfully, I had my location, knew the time to wake up and the distance to travel (mostly) and this time, I was rewarded.

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Josh Driver

Born and raised in Minnesota, I have a passion for the outdoors, photography, travel, and nature.

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