The other side of Silverwood Park

There is a unique way to look at nature: as art and compilations of smaller details and patterns.

I’ve been keeping nature journals for years, recording weather, plants, animals, colors, and seasons as an aspiring writer. At the parks near my home, I’d go and find a grove of trees or dock on a lake and write all my five senses recorded. At the time, this exercise was a habit to improve my description writing.

I felt so much peace sitting and observing nature, especially as an introvert who escapes the crowds & cities. The outdoors are also my favorite place to pray, meditate, and meet with God.

Now when I take my camera to a park, I’m quiet, calm, and searching for those details and colors that might be worthy of a few clicks.

Many people live by grand mountains and the raging sea. I don’t have that privilege here in Minnesota. Perhaps that is a good thing because landscape photography is huge and many people are taking the same type of shots of the same famous places with sunsets and sunrises. And I love that, as I would be doing the same if I lived in those environments. But as someone who prides himself as an outside-the-box thinker and who prides himself on doing things different, offering a unique view or finding a creative window that is fresh and new, it’s okay to live in Minnesota.

I love Minnesota, in fact. And this website will highlight my walks in Minnesota’s lands and an artistic, detailed approach to growing as a photographer.


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